Using the Guest Portal

Let guests take care of minor issues without your assistance

Many common issues guests have can be taken care of through the guest portal. Why should the guest have to make a trip to the office or make a phone call during office hours in order to update their credit card on file? What if they work long hours and they forget about their expiring credit card leading to failed payments? The solution is the guest portal. Available 24/7, guests can view and manage their reservation from the comfort of their couch. They can view their reservation details, update payment methods, review past payments, make payments, and request reservation changes.

Reservation Details

The reservation details page of the guest portal shows the guest the information we have on file about them, such as their name, address, phone, and email. Reservation details such as their assigned unit and arrival/departure dates. Links are available for the guest to request a new unit, change reservation dates, or to cancel the reservation.

Guest portal reservation details
View Reservation Details

Payment Method

If your guest's credit card on file has expired, they got a new card, or they just want to change their payment method, they can do so from the guest portal 24/7 without the need to make a trip to the office or call during office hours. Credit cards and bank accounts are both accepted payment methods.

Update payment method from the guest portal
Update payment method

Payment History

Guests can view all charges and payments for their reservation. All payments will be shown for each charge, and the charge will display if it is paid, unpaid, or partially paid. Each payment listed will show the amount, the day it was paid, and the payment method used.

View payment history from the guest portal
View payment history

Make a Payment

All unpaid charges will be available to be paid on the guest portal. Charges will be listed with the due date, and can be paid with the payment method on file. The charge can be paid in full, or the guest can enter a custom amount to pay a portion of the charge. If multiple charges are listed, the guest can pay them all at once in full.

Make a payment on the guest portal
Make a payment


The contact page is provided as an easy way for the guest to send you a quick question or request changes to their reservation. This will send an email to the email address listed for your property in your property settings.

Guest portal contact page
Contact Page

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